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We offer traditional cuisine for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. We can deliver to your door or you can collect from us. We deliver to this town, that village and those other places. Delivery is free for orders over £15.00 and delivery charges for smaller orders are:


Delivery to this town


Delivery to that village


Delivery to those other places



We like to keep our customers happy so we always have these offers available:

On Sundays if you buy a main course you get a side order for free and on Wednesdays we will throw in a free 2 litre bottle of soft drink with every order over £7.00.



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Coming soon…


Vegetarian menu


We already have some delicious vegetarian options on our menu but our vegetarian customers have said they love our food but would like more choice. Always keen to please, we are proud to launch our dedicated vegetarian menu next month.


Traditional Beers


We felt it was about time to offer some traditional drinks to accompany our authentic and traditional cuisine. The more observant customers may already have noticed the addition to our menu of some of our favourite beers, brewed near our home town.

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